Newsletter #1

Newsletter #1        


X32userconfigs – NEWS                      23. Feb. 2018

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Blue-Sky Sunny Days now!

It will still take some time to get warmer...,
meaning, we can do and move things from being inside...
for example sending the first newsletter of this Web-platform!


A few words about this website

The SCENEs and SNIPPETs, you’re finding here, are all from practical experience; like a
tool box, containing the right basic tool for a lot of occasions, as a starting point.

Within the learning curve within the X32-/M32 world, there are some hurdles to take,
and most of my learned lessons have found their way into these SCENEs.

Websites can be designed very good looking with a lot of effort. My strategy is
"Keep it simple".
The reason: It’s more about applications and informations, meaning real content,
and less perfect pictures. Hopefully you can buy into that.  

If you do have ideas and comments, as well as own SCENEs and SNIPPETs,
just send an e-mail note, maybe along with the experience you have with the XM32
world and which applications are interesting for you.

Personally I do not have any contracts with BEHRINGER or WAVES or any other brand,
mentioned on these sites. It’s simply my story and experience and my view of things;
as an active musician since many years (a-git, keys, voc), sound-tech and electronics engineer,
always on the search for an „even better sound“…
But it has to be „affordable“ and accessible for „down to earth“ people!
For that reason it had been necessary to intensely investigate everything happening between
converting sounds into electrical signals with microphones and pickups until it reaches the ear,
also covering speakers and room acoustics. A lot of it found it’s way into guest lectures at
THM Giessen (Germany), covering the whole live sound subject.


News - Blogs extended

A little proud to really having finished chapter 2 und 3.
While chapter 1 was about
the real universal genius X32-Rack,
chapter 2 is talking about
how many effects are necessary for live-sound.
Chapter 3 contains empirical values,
how external plugins can be used within the XM32.

Ready for feedback from your side!


News - SCENE 20  SplitMix 2x16 Ch + 3x stereo InEar-Monitoring