6. BackesBand: Seven Stereo InEars, Dynamic Mixing

Blog 6

BackesBand (backesband.de) optimizing setup with X32 Rack


6.1    Setup before

FOH:           X32 Compact
         Stage:         2x S16









6.2    Setup afterwards

FOH:           X32 Compact
         Stage:         1x S16
                           1x X32 Rack









6.3    Requirements for the new setup

  • Necessary signal channels:
    8 Drums/Perc, 1 Bass, 2 Keys, 4 E-Git, 2 A-Git, 1 Flitsch, 7 Vocals
    (+1 reserve)

  • 7 mono monitor-InEars should become 7 stereo InEars.
  • For reduction of In-head-localization (IHL), leading to earlier listening
    fatigue InEar monitoring sound has to be equipped with natural space

  • For improving acoustic instruments sound (A-Git, Flitsch) a stereo-chorus
    should be available on the InEar mixes.

  • 2 monitoring concepts have to be realizable:
    1. Hearing the final FOH mix and blending one's own voice or
        instrument to it
    as desired.
    2. Doing a complete individual monitor mix.

  • Each of the 7 band musicians should be able to adjust his or her own InEar
    monitor mix via tablet or smartphone
    , finally releasing the FOH sound technician
    completely from this task!

  • Stereo subgroups for Lead Voc, Backing Voc, E-Git, Drums, A-Git with activated
    BUS-compression on each of them.
    Dynamic Auto-Mix according to Dave Rat:
    Since (almost) all signals are routed to subgroups, they are influenced by BUS compression.
    With higher signal amplitude there will automatically be higher compression and thus a
    more compact and dense sound.
    When configuring a DCA-fader for ALL SIGNALS and another one for ALL GROUPS this
    effect can even be amplified: Increasing ALL SIGNALS and decreasing ALL GROUPS
    leads to higher compressing subgroups, useful for louder songs.
    Ballads and more soft pieces on the other hand are benefitting from reduction of
    ALL SIGNALS and lowering ALL GROUPS, leading to a more open and dynamic signature.

  • Lead-Voc subgroup with dynamic EQ, utilizing the 5-band-multiband-compressor
    COMBINATOR, thus avoiding the constant EQ ‘screwing’ between quiet or loud
    vocal parts (lowering unpleasant mid frequencies at loud parts and boosting them
    again at quiet passages, as well as reducing booming low mids when close miking
    and increasing them again for greater microphone distances).

  • All vocals having double or triple compressors applied, that, by task sharing
    and in combination, are bringing vocals to the front in a very natural and transparent way.

  • Multitrack recording and virtual soundcheck at FOH console with the X-Live-Card.
  • PA volume control for 2 mid-high (top) speakers and 2 different pairs of subwoofers
    using matrix channels (MTX), as well as outputs for an additional location hall PA system.

  • Setting up the bands equipment and stage must be achievable within 10 minutes!

Here the actual BackesBand stage rack...

...with the new X32 Rack on top, the wireless transmitters, a 4-channel DI and 2 Digitech
E-Git Preamps.