1. X32 Rack, the secret winner...

1  X32 Rack, the „Swiss Army Knife“ for Live SoundX32 Rack 3D

1.1  Remote controllable digital mixer

Stagebox and mixer with 22 Inputs and 14 Outputs in 3HE. In relation to infrastructure, flexibility and performance packed into this compact housing there actually is nothing comparable.
Placed directly on stage, Wifi-Router connected, tablet hooked up and on we go...  (--> SCENE 01a, 01b)

Android-based MXING STATION is offering the functionally largest remote controller app at this moment. Handling of effects gets more intuitive and quicker with the iOS apps X32-Mix and M32-Mix. These have implemented memorable pictures of the effect units as known from the mixer itself.

Activating one Android tablet and one iOS unit you do have the best of both worlds...
(And what about sharing the mix with different people and different focussing?).

With the SAMSUNG Galaxy View Tablet there is even a 47cm (18.5") "mixer" available!
I don't actually know of anything around more compact and more easy (paired with this
performance), seen as a complete system.


1.2  Stagebox for FOH console of the X32/M32 family featuring 22 Inputs and 14 Outputs

IOs for a considerable band size:

(--> SCENE 04rack, 05rack, 07arack, 08rack, 08b_rack)


1.3  Multi effects rack for analog mixing consoles

A true MULTI effects unit of only 3 HE housing height replacing a complete ‚Siderack’ of old days!
The X32 Rack enables simultaneous use of 12 effects on 15 signal paths connected to an analog console.  
(--> SCENE 11b). For intuitive and fast operation a tablet is recommended.


1.4  Digital effects rack extending an FOH-X32/-M32

Up to 4 different parallel as well as 3 serial stereo effects are applicable from an X32 Rack
connected to an X32/M32 FOH mixer via AES50 digital bus. (--> SCENE 09c)

1.5  Digital effects rack for DAW support

10 independent effect channels can be embedded in DAWs like Cubase, Logic, Studio One,
etc. by connecting the X32 Rack via USB (or Firewire). (--> SCENE 09a)

1.6  Flexible alternative replacement for stagebox and FOH mixer

In case of damage or fault in a live setup a stagebox (S16, SD16, DL16) can be directly
replaced by an X32 Rack as soon as a respective SCENE is loaded.
(--> SCENE 04rack, 05rack, 07arack, 08rack, 08b_rack)

Does the damage concern an FOH mixer like the X32 Compact or M32R, the same SCENE
running on them can be loaded into the X32 Rack. Except the digital AES/EBU outputs,
not available on the X32 Rack, within a short time and using a tablet, it will be working as a
complete and direct substitute.

If we would have an X32 or M32 failing, that is connected to it's stage boxes with a digital
snake via AES50, the same applies!!


A really brillant system setup in respect to module and transport size, flexibility, effectiveness
and emergency characteristics consists of an X32 Compact as FOH console connected to two
SD16 digital stageboxes and an X32 Rack as effects extension, Multitrack-Bridge or emergency
replacement module (Roadbags instead of cases for SD16's and X32 Rack; a strong Decksaver
cover for the X32 Compact FOH console). In an emergency case the X32 Rack can be replacing
an FOH console as well as a stagebox...

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