About us

The Trace...

  • being a musician (vocals, git, keys)
  • clear sound conceptions in mind
  • doing Live Sound as musician for musicians
  • always going after new ways of a better tone
  • taking into account the complex interrelationships
    of hearing, room acoustics and sound equipment
  • temporarily visiting professor for Live Sound Engineering
    at technical university THM Giessen, Germany


the web for applicable SCENES for digital mixers of the BEHRINGER X32 / MIDAS M32 family and hardly finding anything, a lot of tutorials, workshops, youtube-clips, forums and many hours of mind-wrapping around the possibilities of these phantastic new tools later, practical and applicable SCENES and SNIPPETS are being shared for direct use on these machines.

Come and join this SCENES and SNIPPETS exchange platform by contacting us ("
Sharing SCENES & SNIPPETS"), offering your configurations (including documentation) on this website!