SCENE 06: Full Band live + PC/MAC Plugin Use

Product no.: AN-160208_000007
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Designed for:    FOH: X32 Rack, X32 Compact, X32 Producer, M32R
                                  (compatible to X32, M32)

Purpose:           Full Band Live Event
                         + PC/MAC-plugin use (native) via USB
Philosophy:       Maximum usability of mixer for live sound



  • 20 Input channels: 16 XLR + 4 TRS Ins; X32 Rack completely sufficient for full band live event
    Due to external effects return through soundcard to 2 AUX channels, only 4 TRS AUX Ins usable.

  • AUX-Ins (TRS) perfect for keyboards, where gates and compression are usually not needed
  • 14 Outputs: 8 XLR + 6 TRS; enough for 6 monitors, 2x main speaker, 2x delay-line, 2x sub, 2x audio out for video-recording
  • Applying all 8 FX slots with useful effects. From experience, 4-5 band full parametric EQ on outputs
    are completely sufficient for adjusting speakers (FOH and monitors). So no 31-band-EQs in FX slots needed.

  • IO-, effects- and DCA-configuration

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