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X32userconfigs - NEWS           10. November 2018

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       New x32users have been joining us. Welcome to all of you!

       And there are some news.
       Enough reason for a newsletter.
       Have fun and real personal benefit for your sound work!

       With autumnal greetings!




  1. Heavy price drop on Behringer X32 components
  2. New SCENE for X32Rack X32-WIFI_Event-Mix:
    Programmed for a multi-purpose hall event; 6-musicians-band playing,
    3 Wireless-Mics and PC-audio In, total remote control.
    Concept was also to minimize setup time and hardware needed...
  3. New SCENE Church-Mix:
    Being optimized for a few months now and used weekly in events of our church.

  1. Remarkable price drop for Behringer X32 components!

    Since a few weeks now prices for Behringer X32 family components have been reduced
    remarkably at the websites of big online music shops like Thomann, Musicstore, Justmusic,
    to name a few. In the beginning noone could say, if this would be temporary or if a new
    generation would be showing up soon. In the meantime there are informations that this
    price reduction is due to optimizations of the production process and will be staying.

    However, 1600€ for the X32, 1200€ for the X32 Compact and the really practical stageboxes
    SD16 / SD8 at prices of 500€ and 300€ are real deals. Never before we had this much digital
    mixing system for the money!
    I myself am thinking about 2 new pcs. of SD8 instead of one SD16, since stage cabling is
    essentially easier, more transparent and safe, for example when using 1x SD8 for drums
    on one side and another SD8 on the other side.

    These prices make us save money even when adding one or another SCENE of this site ;)

    And, yes I forgot, the X32 Rack for only 700€ is a real insider tip for all who are not scared
    about mixing with tablets!
    This unit does it all, being a complete digital mixer or stage box, just what is needed.

    See also Blog 1 on the website.

  2. Here we are, at TOP #2, a very practical new SCENE,
    developed for the X32 Rack:  X32R-WIFI_Event-Mix.

Configured and optimzed for an event in a publc
community center with 250 visitors:
Concept was to put it into practice with minimum
hardware- and setup- time and effort,

o    a band with 6 musicians, having
      drums, bass, e-git, a-git, keys, 4 vocals
o    drama parts, presentation and speech
o    PC audio, MP3 audio
using this speaker hardware:
o    FOH:  2x tops RCF ART 712 + 2 actice subs JBL 18“
o    4-6 active monitors on stage

Effectively this was all covered and done by only one X32 Rack on the mixing side,
that is digitalmixer and stagebox in one, placed centrally at the stage backside.
Control, completely done via WIFI: On a rigid musical sheets tripod I had a 6 year old
iPAD 3 (M32-Mix App) beside a Lenovo tablet with the not really new Android 4.4
operating system (Mixing Station App); it was the best of both worlds on 2 tablet screens.
Router placed in about 20m distance directly on top of the X32R.
No problems or interrupted connections with both tablets.
No multicore cable, no 230V supply needed, just placing myself in the middle
of the audience, creating noble sound...  
And it really was excellent, due to a lot of positive feedback.

„Specials“ in this SCENE are:
o    parallel compression on drums
o    double compressors on vocals
o    a-git with „out of center“ configuration
o    enhancer operation on mains
o    completely FOH independent monitormix for 10 signals
      (2 e-git, 2 keys, sax, a-git, 4 voc)

    3.  New SCENE Church-Mix

Everything, a small to mid-sized church needs for live music,
speech, presentation and media!
Here also:

o    parallel compression on drums
o    double compression on vocals
o    enhancer operation on mains
o    completely FOH independent monitormix
      for 8 signals (2 e-git, 2 keys, sax, a-git, 4 voc)
o    Multitrack-Recording
o    Virtual Soundcheck: excellent possibility to train
      "sound people to be" in using multitrack recordings,
      without the need of having the band to be present!
o    Prepared for the use of external reverb and delay plugins
      via USB or Soundgrid (native) by a connected PC/MAC with
      Host-Software (LiveProfessor, WAVES Multirack or others)
o    Practical DCA- and Mute group configuration for band,
      effects, wireless mics
o    Recording via AES/EBU out, USB stick or other outputs
o    Outputs for additional stereo delay-line or broadcasting
      to other rooms

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