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Welcome X32* / M32* users!


The BEHRINGER X32*  / MIDAS M32* digital mixing family has been opening a wide field of operation
that had only been available with high priced gear before. Its increasing and worldwide spread
creates a lot of applications and events, users can adapt to in a unique way impossible
to be thinking of in "analog times".

Supporting you configuring YOUR application, we offer proven SCENES and SNIPPETS,
documented in detail within an easy to read and modify EXCEL sheet to quickly
understand and adapt to own configurations.


With every SCENE you'll be receiving as download,
an EXCEL document is attached with precise description of input- / output- assignments
and routing. SCENE 01a is a full functioning free version, for you to get to know
the idea of this website. Check it out!


SNIPPETS can be added to a SCENE as configuration part.
Practical uses are adjustments of an effect slot or complete configurations of an input channel,
just to name two of many more. Where it seemed reasonable you will find audio-clips for listening!



Compared to the time needed to work on those programmings, do documentation and testing,
prices are very low; a contribution to the community and also an invitation, to
share own successful SCENES and SNIPPETS on this platform,
prepared and delivered in a similar way.
 Please contact us. --> Sharing SCENES & SNIPPETS.


* see impressum

Prices incl. VAT